Logo Virus T Studio 2400x2400 no sfondo.

Virus T Studio is also a Record Label, the first of San Marino Republic, distributed throughout the world.

In just a few years, the Label has achieved important sales results and international rankings by publishing well advanced artists today that are very important in the world dance market as Vinai, Lush & Simon, Delayers, Gregori Klosman, Maison & Dragen, Maurizio Gubellini, Stefano Pain, Anderblast and many more.

WOOF 1440.png

Woof Rec is the label of the “Atomic” duo Nari & Milani Founded in 2016, the label has as a mission to spread good music, discover and promote new talents, helping them to never stop chasing their own dreams. Woof its a new trend, a movement which every release its art free to express. Woof is looking for creativity. Woof is angry for quality. Woof is angry of Changes. This is Woof.

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Rambla Records is a new reality in the Dance Music Industry. Owned by Phill Guidetti & Ricky Lugli, better known as Anderblast. We are looking for new talents, or already affirmed. It’s not important. The first thing for Us is the Music. We will not publish only a kind of music, but we will try everything that creates emotions. This is our philosophy: Innovation, Quality and Passion.

  • SoundCloud - Bianco Circle